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Ritual Magic

I have been grabbed this year by the holiday spirit, and I’ve had sexy witches on the brain a lot lately, so a sexy witch you’re going to get! This session does not put you into trance the way a goddess of erotic hypnosis goes about it, but rather the way a devious witch who doesn’t care if her subject is willing or not goes about it. However, if the devious witch knows how the goddess’ hypnotic triggers are implanted, creating an obedient trance without a certain helpless Treasure even realizing it becomes a real danger, isn’t that right, Treasure?

I have designed this session to function on several levels. First, it is a sincerely crafted magical working I have created, and I will be very pleased with sincere and full participation. The suggestions call for a ritualized release to occur at each of eight seasonal holiday spread throughout the year. For my strongly controlled chastity devotees, these dates will provide predetermined release valves, as you will see. But you don’t gave to be orgasm controlled to participate fully. And if the idea of sex magic is hot to you, but for you it’s just a fantasy, it’s okay, Magic and Play get along very well!

Sample (If you dare, bwah-hah-ha-ha!)

At goddesshypnosis.com I am experimenting with a new feature, much to your benefit!  If all goes as planned using the code “witchesaresexy” should give you a 20 percent discount on your entire purchase as long as you have the product “Ritual Magic” in your cart.  Let me know if it isn’t working the way I expect!  You can get it that here.

And you can purchase through Niteflirt, which, sadly, does not allow for the elegant discount structure of my preferred vendor, here.

Get started today, October 31st is the next opportunity to participate in the ritual the session trains you for!

Scary Sweets,

Kasha Shakti's Erotic Hypnosis Temple



Yet another edgy step into the world of total orgasm control! We have definitely reached the realm where you should only introduce “Keyholder” to your training regimen if you are at least available to play with the idea of me being the sole regulator of your erotic release. Not because I think that you can’t be devoted to multiple goddess and mistresses simultaneously, but because the greatest level of control runs through only one point!  And this session is for my Treasures for whom nothing but the ultimate control will do…

Of course, continuing down this path does not in any way ensure that I will supervise you other than through my recordings and blog posts, being your Keyholder does not obligate me in any way. Which is one of the things that makes you feel so possessed when you Surrender…

“Keyholder” is available in both a Subliminals and Direct version. Additionally, in the Spoil/Spoil Set you get both along with three Endless Trance clips and a 14-minute video to an edited version of the session. Just me, all sexied up, showing off the Key to your cock, dangling it back and forth a bit… This is me seriously spoiling my Treasures at this level of devotion!

You can listen to a sample to start getting you all submissive and eager to please me…

Purchase from www.goddesshypnosis.com:   Spoil/Spoil Direct Subliminals

(To use Niteflirt please use the icon at the top of the lower right of the page.)


Kasha Shakti's Erotic Hypnosis Temple


Erotic Inception

There’s something so sexy about the way the movie Inception conceptualizes the internal psychological landscape that inspires a unique hypnotic exploration that burrows through the layers of your mind. This session will thrill Treasures who love the sensations of the truly deep trance artfully constructed to drop you through the dizzy floor with erotic deepening techniques. The combination of formal hypnotic structure, confusion techniques and brainwashing programming would impress you, but you won’t be able to think that clearly when they occur.

In fact, after this session you may be unclear as to whether you’re ever really thinking, whether you’re even still capable of thinking your own original thoughts. I’m sure you’re thinking that it’s possible that all of your thoughts could have come to belong to be without your conscious knowledge, so why don’t you listen and find out? (40 minutes)


Purchase through my store HERE!

And through Niteflirt Here.


Kasha Shakti's Erotic Hypnosis Temple


The Official Live Calls Announcement

A little taste above of the bounty of panties recently arrived, want more?  You have been awfully good lately!

For the past two years I’ve been asked many times about the possibility of doing paid phone calls, and it has always been a possibility in the back of my mind.  Starting Monday night, however, I am going to be regularly available through TalkSugar!  The number to call me at will be 1-877-44-SUGAR ext. 21142 and you can view the barebones listing here.

Oh!  Except, there’s the thing with the affiliate program where if you need a new account to talk to me you should establish it by clicking through one of the following less than satisfying banners.

If you think you might call regularly over the long term, it’s financially beneficial to me for you to use this one:

[ Hot Fucking Phone Sex at TalkSugar.com!! ]

But if you’ll be calling on more of a sporadic treat basis, this one is better. It makes no difference you will observe, it’s purely a matter of which is better for me! I mean, if you’re able to give me money that doesn’t cost you money, you want to get it right, right?

My regular schedule of availability will be Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. Eastern Time. I am starting at a rate of $4.20 per minute (yes, I have the sense of humor of a 7th grade boy) and may adjust in the future based on how things go. I anticipate that I will be asked to do services through additional providers or with alternate payments, in addition to being asked for additional services such as web cam. There will be no deviations from the basic plan until I have a chance to feel the phone out for a while, understood?

In other news, some of you may have noticed that I’m playing a new gift game over at Amazon. I picked 10 gifts last night as my must haves, deciding to not change anything until they are all purchased. There are five left as I type this. It’s been quite a gift frenzy lately, so I’m going to leave it at 0 for a day or so once it’s wiped. Now the question is — who’s going to get to be the first Treasure to completely wipe out my wish list?

It’s a huge bounteous fall on Planet Kasha — if we’re all very lucky there may be a new recording available tomorrow!


Kasha Shakti's Erotic Hypnosis Temple


Panty Parade

I don’t know how many of you obsessively watch my Amazon list like desperate stalkers… Probably more than I would guess and fewer than I would like! Anyway, if you do you may have noticed I have two fun games going on over there right now:

First, I’ve decided to try to keep the list at exactly 25 items as much as I can. I don’t know why I decided this was important, it’s just what’s going on. So anytime you buy something keep an eye out to see how long it takes me to stock back up to 25, I’d be curious to find out the longest I clock in at. I don’t think you can catch me going longer than 10 hours to update.

Second, for the first time in nearly two years I’ve been operating this list (did you know I’m going to be celebrating my anniversary soon?) I’ve decided that panties are a great addition to the spoiling options. Now, if no one ever buys me anything else, this may have to stop, but for now there has been an average of one pair purchased every 12 hours or so for the past three days, and I’m so amused I’m inclined to see how far we can go! (Okay, while writing I checked and the panty count has gone from 6 to 7.) Here are the rules I have devised for the Panty Parade game:

1) I have reserved two of my wishlist spots for this game. One spot will have a pair of panties priced at $10 or less for as long as I can find selections I really want — and it turns out that my tastes in everyday wear fall mostly in that price range.  The other slot is for a bra, more expensive panty or other lingerie item.

2) I will refresh these slots when emptied as quickly as I notice something has disappeared.

3) The game will continue for as long as I am pleased to play!  I will be most pleased if other types of gifts do not become neglected, so if you want to see more of my tastes in underthings, maintain a variety.

If you have any trouble finding my wish list you can search under “Kasha Shakti” or my email address goddesskasha@gmail.com. Amazon is here!


Kasha Shakti's Erotic Hypnosis Temple


I Heart Civil Rights

While it has not been my habit to use this forum for political rants, my excitement over what is going on in the public sphere with same-sex marriage right now inclines me to do something new.  But where do I begin?

Hopefully you are aware of the recent decision by a trial level federal judge in California finding that not allowing two people two marry based on the sole fact that they are of the same gender denies both the Due Process and Equal Protection clauses of the 14th Amendment to the United State’s Constitution.  And that, therefore, the stakes are currently high on this issue for the entire country as the appeal makes its way up the court system.

The most important message I want to use my little soapbox to push is that it is so vital for straight people to get really passionate about marriage equality.  And yes, as much as I hate to admit it, I am more or less straight, at best heteroflexible.  In fact, mine is the male fantasy of female sexual orientation: I’m generally only attracted to girls when I’m having a three-or-more-some with a guy involved.  If anything proves to me that you don’t choose your sexuality it’s how much I wish I was more bi!  There would be a ridiculous amount of hot girl-sex available to me if I were…  Anyway, the following is targeted towards people, particularly Americans, who don’t themselves expect to every want to marry someone of the same sex.

I’m not trying to convince people who are opposed to change their minds, so much as I want people who have casual positive or neutral feelings to get all riled up.  Not because you should go out of your way to get involved with something that doesn’t affect you, but because you understand that it really does.  Quietly participating in the benefits of heterosexuality is, at this point, fairly comparable to eating at a segregated lunch counter 40 years ago.

If you are okay with homosexual relationships, if you don’t think that it hurts anyone for everyone to get to pick a long term life partner of  the gender they prefer, then your opinion acknowledges that your government is depriving a minority of an important right based on an unimportant reason.  This should piss you the fuck off!!!  So maybe for a long time now it’s been a depressing thing to get up in arms about, perhaps hopelessness has kept many of us quieter than we could have been.  But now is a time when deciding that it’s safe to hope for change makes it possible to reach out and add your push to the momentum already in place.

I don’t believe that it takes a lot, and I myself am focusing on two simple things.  First, I want to include the conversation in as many of my interactions with other people as possible, as I’m doing here.  I think that the more often straight people are willing to make clear statements in support of same-sex marriage the faster discrimination towards GLBT people will dissolve.  Even if the Supreme Court takes up the case and makes the broadest ruling upholding the decision possible, it isn’t enough, just as judicially forced integration did not finish dealing with the problem of racism.  It simply removed the weight of the law from behind the traditional ignorance, fear, and hatred of that moment in history.

The second commitment I have made to myself is to boycott legal marriage until such time as marriage equality has been established at the federal level.  I actually came to this decision many years ago, while in law school, and it has become even more important to me recently.  The National Marriage Boycott does an excellent job advocating for this position, and have even designed a ring to signify the decision.  (Which I have, it’s great!)

In addition to my patriotic commitment to not discriminating against groups without a really good reason (i.e. child molesters can’t adopt, stuff like that) I am also deeply offended by the primary argument Prop 8 proponents make for what a “good reason” looks like to them.  Specifically, that the State has no interest in homosexual relationships because they don’t naturally lead to procreation.  As a woman I’m pretty irritated by anyone who wants to make the argument that 1) the only reason I should get married is to be a regulated baby factory and 2) if I’m going to have sex at all I should get married just in case I accidentally get pregnant.  Let’s get something straight — If I ever have kids, I’m not going to let them become tyrants of my life.  I’m certainly not going to let kids that exist only in possibility force me into a lifetime commitment!

If you want to “protect” marriage, don’t you think you should side with the people who believe that it’s about far more than babies alone?  And, the thing is, the Prop 8 proponents could literally point out only one difference between hetero and same-sex couples: some of the first can have babies the old-fashioned way.  And if we accept that that difference is important then the classic sci-fi trope of reproductive machines under government control comes one click closer.

But, much more importantly, right now there are people suffering the lack of fundamental rights in a legal limbo.  And it’s time, for me at least, to become really clear about how not okay I am with that.


Kasha Shakti's Erotic Hypnosis Temple

Spa Spoiling Technologies

I’ve received so much concerned e-mail I think I should clarify that I’m not really traumatized!  I’m not that delicate, I just like being sweet more than I like being mean.  However…

It turns out that sending me for a nice, restorative spa visit is really easy!  The website spafinder.com offers e-mailable gift certificates (I love those!) that I can use locally or anywhere I travel.  Brilliant!!!  Here in Bloomington the local day spa has a six service package that takes pretty much all day for $320.  The things I love about e-mailable gift certificates are the instant delivery, that no one takes a cut on the transfer of wealth, and, most importantly, it forces me into indulgence because the money is locked into that purpose.  You can send amounts between $50 and $500 to  goddesskasha@gmail.com right here!

It’s such a beautiful day today, I can’t wait to get out and zip around on my scooter for a while!  I am a goddess very much in love with her life, right now.



Kasha Shakti's Erotic Hypnosis Temple

What's wrong with this email?

I think that it’s fairly clear that I am a non-judgmental, generous, loving goddess. I have no interest in humiliating, I punish only if absolutely necessary. I prefer to dominate though sensual erotic manipulation, reward, and just being so overwhelmingly charming that it’s natural to want to do things that please me.

However. I am not a push-over, I do have some boundaries that I am very passionate about defending. Today I received an e-mail that violated two of the most important, and so it’s lesson time. I don’t want to cause pain to the person involved, I don’t want to ignore that part of what is going on is an intense draw to me, which is obviously understandable. But this is unacceptable in a way that makes either ignoring the situation continuously or responding in a way that makes my boundaries clear for everyone are the only two options. So for me, it’s an opportunity to illustrate two things I have wanted to make clear for some time.

The message today was the follow-up to one I received a few days ago, so we’ll start with the original message:

Subject: Adoration to my GODDESS


Dearest Goddess Kasha,

i am feeling so compelled to reach out to you right now, that i just can’t help myself,

although i am still very much fighting fully surrendering to you. i have been listening to

your surrender and compliance samples on auto-replay for over 2 hours now and been

so HARD but won’t allow myself to climax until i have forced myself to send you this e-mail.

As long as i am so very much on the edge, i can’t resist you and am just at your mercy.

You might ask why i don’t just buy your recordings – my wife does our family finances and she

would never approve of this, so i haven’t quite figured out how to do it yet (as our agreement has

given her permission to cancel my credit cards should i use them for these kinds of purposes).

Nonetheless, here i am. i do feel like i am in a trance of sorts listening to those sample recordings.

Adoringly, worshipping you and melting like putty.

Awaiting your instructions


I have a policy of zero response to messages that indicate that a person is actively engaged in deceiving their partner and breaking relationship agreements.  This note is an excellent example of being over that line.  I am not a goddess of emotional drama and pain, and I will not further behavior that is clearly out of integrity.  I do not judge or second guess my Treasures who are making a good faith, good hearted effort to reconcile their spouse’s needs and their fetish needs.  I have read many sympathetic e-mails with variations on the theme “I love my vanilla wife and feel like I have no choice but to deal with my hypnosis needs privately.”  If, in my judgement, your choices are reasonable and loving, you aren’t excluded from my favor.

Today, I received an audacious follow-up.  It was, in my opinion, egregious enough to warrant public display, something that has often tempted me, but is too potentially cruel for my tastes generally.  Which element do you think affects my decision to do it here the most?


My LOVE , Goddess Kasha,

i am sorry if You have already responded to my previous e-mail, as i probably did not

receive it.  my wife found out and put a block on your e-mail address.  Would YOU please

respond from a different e-mail address?


Please remember to use another e-mail address as this e-mail address is blocked right now.



Of course, there’s additional inappropriate relationship behavior here.  The level has gone from involving me passively in deceit to asking me to actively take part.  Which brings me too…

I am loving and greatly enjoy giving, as and when I choose.  But I am not here to serve my Treasures.  That is an absolute no.  Another way to get an instant, unexplained banishment from my thoughts is to expect me to go out of my way for you.  This does not mean that you can’t make requests.  The vast majority of my Treasures seem to understand the appropriate rituals of supplication.  Which is to say, almost all of the e-mail I get shows at least an attempt to be respectful of myself, my time and my energy.  Those that don’t go straight to the digital burn box.  Understood?

Bleh!  That’s all of the bitchy I can muster for a long while, everybody is going to have to be very, very good while I recover!




Perpetual Arousal

Perpetual Arousal

Have you ever wanted to listen to one of my sessions that allows release without breaking your chastity streak? More importantly, are you craving the type of lifestyle orgasm control that regards fasting as the normal state and all release as anomalous? “Perpetual Arousal” responds directly to both of these desires for all of my Treasures in constant need of more and more invasive erotic manipulation. After you listen to this session, you will no longer experience the release of orgasm in the ways you are accustomed. Instead, you will find yourself in a state of continuous arousal — your entire life will become a constant yearning for your goddess that drives you deeper into obedience. This deep, unsatisfied, insistent sexual desire will ignite your passion and leave you constantly locked in a state of desperate arousal.

“Perpetual Arousal” is available in both a “Direct” and “Effects” version, where “Direct” includes my voice only and “Effects” is adulterated with hypnotic echoes and subliminals. Also available is my signature Spoil/Spoil set which includes both versions of the recording as well as two bonus audio tracks! One is a prelude, to play before other recordings, which reinforces that you will keep to your primary programming not to release, even if the recording would allow otherwise. The second is a postlude, for after a session, to continue to reinforce the pleasure of constant and ongoing denial.

Listen to a Sample!

Select through my fantastic boutique: Spoil/Spoil Direct Effects

Or through Niteflirt



Kasha Shakti's Erotic Hypnosis Temple


Dream Girl

You’ve always known that your Dream Girl would sweep you up in blissful trance and send you whirling into dizzy spirals of love, haven’t you, Treasure? This session celebrates the way I appeal to your most intimate, consistent erotic desires, and the building blocks thereof. The intense pleasure of simply listening to my voice as you relax. The irresistible appeal of luscious lips dripping with hypnotic power. The way you can’t help but fall deeper and deeper in love with a goddess who know how to touch all of the hottest spots in your sexual psyche.

This is a recording that will leave you feeling like an adolescent boy full of the flush of first love, all at once sweetly innocent and undeniably aroused. Knowing that I am your dreamy goddess with whom you are always falling inescapably deeper in love, always leaving you craving more. You love the feeling of being hopelessly addicted to me, don’t you, Treasure? You’re in love with your addiction, and addicted to your love, and love and addiction are both embodied in your “Dream Girl”.


Purchase this 41 minute recording through my independent store here or through Niteflirt here for $37.50.



Kasha Shakti's Erotic Hypnosis Temple